February 3, 2018

About Us

We don’t take any chances with our drivers.  Neither should you.

Around O’Clock Limo service brings true professionalism and top-tier limousine service in Los Angeles.  We pride ourselves on our promptness, service, courtesy and our fleet of spotless limousines. Our experienced, professional drivers pride themselves on their safety, service and knowledge.

It’s all about service, professionalism and your safety. Our chauffeurs undergo extensive state, federal and DMV background checks. We have an absolute zero drug and alcohol policy. We use Psychometric Exams to screen every applicant for the proper disposition and personality we demand of our drivers. Recurring service training ensures an exceptional limousine experience for our customers. 

We have provided the ultimate in comfortable, convenient and stylish travel for thousands of satisfied customers throughout the Los Angeles area.  Around O’Clock Limo provides service for airport trips, weddings, bachelor parties, Hollywood stars, and more…and we look forward to providing you with the safe, professional Los Angeles limousine service you deserve.

Thanks for giving us the chance to bring you true service and class in a Los Angeles limousine service.

The Around O’Clock Limo Team



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